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"Working with a health coach made a real difference in my life... I'm now making better decisions and my health has improved because of it."


Health Coaching

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, what you eat and how much you exercise is only part of the story. Your ability to deal with stress, the quality and quantity of your sleep, and your emotional well-being also play a vital role in your overall health. While physicians diagnose and treat illnesses, health coaches focus on preventative measures to optimize your well-being which reduces the need for visits to the doctor. Prevention represents people taking care of themselves. Health coaches promote this approach by helping clients address all aspects of their health in an integrated and comprehensive manner.

Role of the Health Coach

In practice, health coaches do not diagnosis; instead, they use methods that lead to personal reflection, insight, and change. Coaches hold clients accountable for what they say they will do and work with them to overcome obstacles to change. Health coaches are trained to assess the appropriateness of coaching for individual clients and recognize when they may need resources outside the scope of coaching. At those times, coaches may support clients with appropriate recommendations for psychotherapy or other professional services.

An integrative health coach:

  • serves as a partner rather than an expert
  • supports the client’s ability to make changes rather than to diagnose problems
  • focuses more on exploring the present and future rather than understanding the past
  • enhances health rather than on treat disorders
  • focuses on present and future-oriented behavior with an emphasis on taking action toward change

The Health Coaching Process

Clients benefit from a close working relationship with an integrative health coach that:

  • creates an environment to foster personal growth
  • empowers clients to make real, meaningful lifestyle change
  • uses mindfulness practice to promote greater self-awareness
  • helps identify barriers to behavior and lifestyle change
  • assists clients develop strategies to maximize health and well-being
  • holds clients accountable for their goals and commitments
  • provides clients with encouragement and support throughout

What Coaching Clients Are Saying

“Working with a health coach made a real difference in my life. I was coming out of cancer treatment and I was struggling to adjust to life with a serious illness. Focusing on my health instead of my illness helped me to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. By partnering with a health coach, I learned to focus on my entire health and well-being. I’m now making better decisions and my health has improved because of it.”
Ellen – Cancer Survivor

“I look back on the time I spent with my health coach and it really changed my view of health. I now see my health in a much broader way as every decision I make affects other areas of my life. Working with my coach really opened my eyes to the connection between my mind, body, and spirit. The awareness I’ve gained through health coaching helps me make better choices and live a healthier lifestyle.”
    Laura – Wife and Teacher

    Board Certified Coach
    (504) 270-8099 •