Water from a Dafi jug for a baby
Water from a Dafi jug for a baby
January 5, 2019
How much water should be poured into the Dafi filtering jug
How much water should be poured into the Dafi filtering jug?
January 19, 2019
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Filtering jug – Dafi or Brita?

Filtering jug - Dafi or Brita

There are many types of filtering devices from the most popular manufacturers available on the market – Dafi and Brita. Both companies also offer filtering bottles, which are a great alternative to jugs or flow filters used at home. Jugs are available in various designs, colours and sizes (capacities from 1.3 to even 4 litres), making it easy to choose a jug that fits the kitchen and our needs. The smaller ones can be easily located in refrigerator doors and are ideal if we use water mainly for direct consumption, whereas larger ones will provide the right amount of water for cooking or preparing drinks for many household members. Jugs diifer in the material from which they were made of – it can be glass or plastics. A wide range of models gives you many choices.

A common feature of all filters is the need of regular replacement every 4 weeks, which will ensure the highest quality and purity of water. All filters also leave an unchanged amount of minerals (e.g. calcium and magnesium), naturally present in water. What makes the real difference is the filter – it is the heart of the device and the answer to the special needs of the user. Both companies use filters consisting of activated carbon and an ion exchange resin. Brita offers two types of standard filters, differing only in shape. These filters offer purification of water from impurities and reduction of water hardness. However, Dafi’s offer includes not only standard filters, but also those offering additional functions.

– MineralUp filter enriches water with magnesium, which is necessary for the heart and nervous system,

– AntiLime filter perfectly cleanses water and additionally softens it, i.e. reduces the calcium and magnesium salt content; this filter is for kettles, fridges with water dispensers or coffee makers,

– AlkalineUp – alkaline-generating filter increases the pH of water and gives the highest possible level of chlorine and organic pollutants.

The wider variety of Dafi filters means that even users with more advanced needs will find the perfect solution for themselves.

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