How much water should be poured into the Dafi filtering jug
How much water should be poured into the Dafi filtering jug?
January 19, 2019
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Filtering jug for hard water – how to choose?

Filtering jug for hard water - how to choose

Various types of jugs and filters are available in the Dafi product range. Jugs differ in the material they are made of (glass or plastic), as well as design, colours and capacity (from 2 to 4 litres). All jugs are made of new materials that have not been recycled before. Jugs are subjected to many surveys and tests; they also have approvals and recommendations to ensure the highest safety and quality of products.

The filter should be placed inside the jug. Filters contain activated carbon and ion exchange resin, thanks to which they stop mechanical impurities, such as sediment or sand, and also purify water from chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides that may be present in it. In addition to the purification function, the filter also reduces water hardness.

Water hardness – what is it?

Hardness is a feature of water, resulting from its composition, the content of calcium and magnesium compounds precisely. How does water hardness affect everyday life? Hard water causes the skin and hair to dry out and may cause irritation of the skin. Hard water has an adverse effect on the taste, smell and nutritional value of meals and drinks. It causes, among others the formation of a calcium carbonate layer on the surface of tea and reduces the intensity of coffee, depriving it of taste and aroma. It also settles on household appliances such as kettles or irons.

How to soften water?

You can easily soften the tap water with the help of a jug and an appropriate Dafi filter. For very hard water, or when we want to take special care of household appliances, the AntiLime filter has been created. It reduces the excess of calcium and magnesium salts, which prevent precipitation of the stone sediment to a greater extent. This extends the life of household appliances. Ordinary tap water can also be softened; this can be done using Dafi Standard filters. This filter will also reduce water hardness and scale deposition.

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