Filtering jug - Dafi or Brita
Filtering jug – Dafi or Brita?
January 18, 2019
Filtering jug for hard water - how to choose
Filtering jug for hard water – how to choose?
January 25, 2019
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How much water should be poured into the Dafi filtering jug?

How much water should be poured into the Dafi filtering jug

Dafi jugs have different capacity. The elegant crystal glass model holds 2 litres of water, and light and handy plastic models (Atria, Atri, Astra, Mila, Luna, Aldo, Omega, Sintra) have a capacity of 2.4l, 3l, 3.3l, 3.7l and 4l. Models with less capacity can be conveniently placed on the door of the refrigerator; they are perfect for homes where water is mainly used for drinking. Larger jugs filter more water at once, so they are more convenient if water is also used for cooking or there are several household members at home.

In each of the Dafi jugs a filter cartridge should be placed. It removes chemical pollution, chlorine as well as mechanical impurities such as sediments or sand from the water. Various types of filters are available: standard, MineralUP filter enriching water with magnesium ions, AntiLime filter caring for home appliances in which we use water or AlkalineUp filter from which we get water with alkaline-generating features. The filters are interchangeable and reminders can be found on the jug to do it in a timely manner (manual or LED), i.e. once a month.

When using the filter for the first time, the water jug ​​has to be filled twice with water, which should then be poured out (or used, for example, for watering flowers). This is to vent the filter and possibly flush out particles of activated carbon that may have escaped from it. Later, we simply pour tap water and clean water is ready to drink.

How much water should you pour?

It is recommended that you pour only as much water into the jug as you plan to use. This ensures that the water is fresh and properly cleaned. Keeping water in the jug for a very long time may adversely affect its taste, which can also happen if the jug is exposed to direct sunlight. However, if water is used for drinking or cooking constantly, there are no contraindications to fill the whole jug. With regular, monthly filter replacement, the water will be healthy, tasty and properly cleaned.

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