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If you're looking to achieve an optimal level of health and well-being, the Center for Mindful Health could be the ideal choice for you.


Dr. Robert GardnerThe program at the Center for Mindful Health is based on the Duke University Integrative Medicine’s health coaching model. This unique approach has been tested through clinical experience and research with individuals, corporations, and health organizations and shown to be successful. Studies have confirmed that people who participate in integrative health coaching programs realize more profound health benefits than those who do not.

HEALTH COACHING is a relatively new approach to helping. It involves a partnership between coach and client that emphasizes ACCOUNTABILITY. Self-AWARENESS through MINDFUL practice provides the foundation for behavior and lifestyle CHANGE. The EMPOWERMENT clients realize through the health coaching process leads to personal GROWTH and VITALITY. Ultimately, the goal is for clients to improve their health and optimize their WELL-BEING.

Changing your health from the inside out—that is the focus of integrative health coaching. A health coach partners with you to optimize your well-being through a comprehensive examination of your health and lifestyle. The goal is to realize meaningful and sustainable change in your health-related behaviors that results in you living a healthy and happy life.

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