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About CFMH — The Wellness Wheel

Wellness Wheel

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The Center for Mindful Health’s Wellness Wheel was adapted from the Duke Integrative Medicine’s Wheel of Health and is based in two fundamental beliefs:

  1. The human mind and body have essential capacities for self-repair that can be supported and enhanced by our lifestyle choices as well as any appropriate therapies and medical interventions.
  2. Optimal health is a life-long journey—a process that requires frequent reassessing and rebalancing.

Five important concepts that make the Center for Mindful Health’s Wellness Wheel model different from other approaches:

  1. Health—the focus of the Wellness Wheel is on health optimization in addition to disease prevention and management.
  2. Planning—the Wellness Wheel model encourages you to look beyond your current symptoms and state of health to develop a proactive, focused plan for optimizing your future health and well-being.
  3. Healing—no matter what your condition, the focus of the Wellness Wheel helps you envision and attain a state of health and well-being that includes balance, vitality, and joy.
  4. Multidimensional, Whole-Person Approach—the Wellness Wheel model takes into account everything that makes you the person you are including body, mind, and spirit within the context of your environment and with thoughtful consideration of your personal goals.
  5. Support—the Wellness Wheel represents a structure that helps you to implement your personal health plan so it will work for you given the context of the real life you live.

The Wellness Wheel is an integrative model for improving health and well-being that encompasses the following features:

  • Whole person approach—engages in all aspects of the person: mind, body, spirit and community
  • Health orientation
  • Proactive/preventative
  • Lifelong planning
  • Identify risk and minimize it
  • Honors the client’s values
  • Supports lifestyle change processes

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